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Considering the environment the surface treatment plants are challenging because of the water used to rinse the objects being treated. The rinsing waters have to be cleansed of heavy metals before releasing them into the public waste water treatment system.

Hilamet company has an environmental permit from the Environment Centre and a chemical permit from Safety Technology Authority (Tukes) for a wide-scale heat treatment plant.

BAT acronym (Best Available Technology) means the best possible actions and means to minimize the environmental load. At Hilamet company it means cleansing and environmental protection methods that utilize the newest and most advanced methods in use. This means better control of material and substance flows, more effective use of energy, and less discharges.

Examples of BAT recommendations used by Hilamet company:


  • We are using the most modern heat treating methods like induction heating saving energy and costs.

  • Automated plant is following the process also makes measurements to detect possible environmental risks.

  • The possible production waste is delivered to a recycling plant where the metal precipitates are refined.

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